To set an icon on your Minecraft server first you must have an image with a resolution of 64x64 pixels and in .PNG format.

If you do not have an image with these requirements, you can use a photo editing tool (such as or Adobe Photoshop) or an image resize website to set the image to the correct resolution and if required convert it to a .PNG filetype.

Once you have a PNG image in the correct resolution you can add it to your server:

  • First, rename the image to server-icon.png
  • Then upload it to the root directory of your server (the place where the server.jar file is located)
  • Restart the server and your icon will appear in the server list!

If your icon does not appear, make sure the image is a .PNG instead of .JPG, is named server-icon.png, and has a resolution of 64x64 pixels. Otherwise, the image will not display.

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